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Work ☕

I am currently a front end engineer at Bitwarden, the open source password manager.

I worked for Ionic, where I was a core contributor to the Ionic Framework.

I worked for Florida State University and Old Dominion University, developing and designing digital things like OER and research tools.

I worked for Cartoon Network and Adult Swim, making sure their games were bug free... well I tried.

Education 🧑‍🏫

I recently finished a MLIS at Florida State University. I think libraries are awesome, and that they are the perfect model for an open internet.

I studied psychology and computer science at Georgia Tech. Whisk the two until you get stiff peaks, call that human-computer interaction. Sang in the Glee Club, made games with VGDev, changed majors 30 times, worked on computer science education research with the Expressive Machinery Lab. (I have so many thoughts and feelings about GT, feel free to reach out if you are a prospective student!)

Random 🤠

Places I have lived: Spent my childhood around Hoschton and Flowery Branch, GA. Went to college in Atlanta, my small town to big city moment. Moved to Norfolk VA for a couple of years with my partner--an absolutely lovely city that I will miss. But I am soon moving back to ATL and couldn't be happier returning to my chosen hometown.

I was recently diagnosed with ADHD--things are going much better after my diagnosis! Take care of your mental health.

Thanks for visiting my little site. It was built with a cool tool, Eleventy. (There are a billion ways to make a website, with or without coding. Try it!)